SEO Case Study – NYC Tech Startup

Organic Motion is an NYC-based startup that engineered the world’s first and only markerless motion capture technology. In 2014, they hired me as their VP of Sales/Marketing to bring this cutting edge technology to market. SEO presented as a fantastic opportunity because of fairly significant search volumes combined with only moderate competition. Without the help of an agency […]

How To – Data Driven B2B SEO Keyword Research

Ranking for valuable keywords is competitive and takes significant resources. There are not many short cuts, if any, but making sure you are targeting the right keywords is crucial to any project’s ultimate success or failure. In this post you will learn the four most important keyword variables to analyze, how to use data to prioritize each variable and step by step how to obtain your optimal keyword targets

What are the best B2B lead sources to fill the top of the funnel?

There are a million blog posts and comment threads discussing which channels are the most effective when it comes to lead generation and new customer acquisition. This results in many arbitrary discussions that lack the proper context for any meaningful dialogue to occur about choosing the right lead generation tactics to grow/scale sales and marketing.